Bayou Axe Throwing Co.

Our Story

Two friends, Doug “heavy” Rodgers and Geno Goodman created Bayou Axe Co. in the car on a Sunday drive back home to Bossier from Dallas.  Curiosity got the best of them at an axe throwing venue in Fort Worth.  The guys threw axes for two hours with their friends, drank, and had a blast!  They wanted to share with the SBC this new sport they had fallen in love with.  the name “Bayou Axe Co.” was decided before they recrossed the Louisiana state line.

Then the guys prayed for a building to be available when they got home.  God was listening.  The guys stumbled across 509 Barksdale Blvd. and immediately fell in love with the building you are in today.  The guys loved the East Bank, with its old buildings, new bustling restaurants, and support local mantra.

The construction began in 2018 as they began to breathe life into their new, old building.  Once the Bossier Movie Theatre and Briefly the Knights of Columbus, the construction of their historically impactful building presented unique challenges.  with the support of their friends and family they were able to suppress the urges to throw in the towel.  The early morning, late nights, and weekends sacrificed, interwind every inch of Bayou Axe Co. into the souls of Heavy and Gene.  The hard work and labor of love paid off in march of 2019 when the doors opened for the first time.