Glam Ink

Since I was young girl, I’ve had a love for making other people feel good about themselves. During high school, I developed my talent for making others look their best by styling hair and applying make-up before high school functions. After graduating, I became a cosmetologist with a focus on hair. Once I joined the industry, my passion for making people look their best  rapidly grew. I quickly developed an interest in obtaining additional certifications including eyelash extensions, hair extensions, and spray tanning.


A few years ago, I worked in a medspa. The experience allowed me to develop additional techniques and further my knowledge of medical grade cosmetic services. While at the medspa, I received the opportunity to be a permanent tattoo model. I immediately fell in love with the benefits of cosmetic tattoos. Through the precision of the application, its semi-permanence, and the time saved during my daily routine, I knew this was something that I needed to offer to every woman. As a mother of a 4 year-old, every second saved is a game changer.


Before I decided to get certified, I assisted on several procedures to help with precision. I learned that I had the natural ability and precision skills required for cosmetic tattoos. I enjoyed designing each application to meet every client’s individual needs. Each client’s uniqueness allows me to continually bring new creations to the table. Bringing joy to others by enhancing their natural beauty has always been a must for me. This desire and passion drove me to create Glam Ink.