Should I use 3D models on my real estate listings? Does it work?

     With the competitiveness of the current real estate market, your goal as a realtor is to set yourself apart. This can be tricky in these modern times; with technology advancing so quickly, it’s hard to keep up! Utilizing 3D virtual reality technology in your listings is a new and efficient way to separate yourself from the crowd and bring a new level of professionalism to the table!
     The Forbs article “23 Bulletproof Real Estate Marketing Ideas” ranked utilizing 3D modeling technology in at number two. One study shows that listings with dynamic visual content gain 403% more inquiries. 3D models will provide more value for you and your clients than you think!
With custom 3D scans, you can get more listings and sell them faster. Why should a homeowner choose you compared to the plethora of other options at their disposal? Win them over by adding 3D models to your real estate package. You can also provide detailed analytics to show how many people are checking out a particular home.
     Tired of all the showings with uninterested clients? Using 3D models allows your clients to gain a better feel for the home before booking a tour of the property, cutting down on unneeded showings that waste your valuable time! As an added way to be efficient with you and your clients time, you also have the option of giving them virtual showings through VR goggles right in your office!
     Are you wondering what else you can use this for? This technology has many applications that can be utilized by realtors like yourself. You can obtain 2D/3D floorplans of the structure that are 99.7% accurate and you can also provide Autocad files if your clients are house flippers/remodelers. Additionally, you have the ability to measure things such as cabinets, window heights, and doorways while inside the interactive model or through the “floorplan view,” which allows you to measure from a bird’s-eye perspective.
     Technology is changing, so make sure you keep up! Start utilizing 3D technology in your business today!

Testimonials from real estate agents:
“We haven’t lost a single listing since we started including Matterport in our listing presentation.”

Matthew McKenna, Keller Williams Realty

“We knew it would be a game changer for us. Today, we’re definitely winning more listings with Matterport’s technology. Our prospective clients are absolutely stunned.”

Josh Altman, The Altman Brothers, Los Angeles

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