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3D Marketing was “started” back in 2017. Dave Mikels(dad) and DJ Mikels(son) discovered a cool new technology that gives the ability to create a 3D Virtual Reality model of any structure. It started off as a side hobby that was fascinating to play with but as new technologies were developed we started to realize the potential market that could benefit from this. With the combination of Dave, who has over twenty-five years of business experience, and DJ, who has grown up in the technology generation as well as wanting the experience and challenge of building a business as he finishes his business degree, they knew the time was right to capitalize on a great opportunity. In January 2018 3D Marketing, LLC was formed as a 50-50 partnership. 3D Marketing is a full-service digital marketing agency that specializes in using 3D technology to sell houses, promote businesses in a unique way, generate 3D model structures for insurance, help property managers, and gather architectural data. The potential uses are endless as the technology can be combined with Google Street View, virtual reality goggles, drone footage, DSLR photography, and embedded hot-links to sell products directly through our 3D models. DJ knows that the next generation of consumers who have been immersed for years in 3D virtual reality technology will be drawn to this type of marketing. We use this technology for website development and social media marketing for companies looking for a new way to present to today’s consumer.

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